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Snowline Adventures is excited to get out to the hills with you. A bit about who we are and our ethos...

Commitment to the Environment

The mountains we visit are sacred to us and we take honor in being stewards of the land. Our basecamp trips maintain a pack in, pack out standard while educating both our guests and backcountry users on how to live in harmony with the environment. We will work hard for you to provide the experience you are seeking while working with you to become stewards of the land.

Commitment to Excellence

Our guides are accredited members of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) and the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA). Our guides are not only dedicated to keeping you safe and skiing amazing powder lines, we are devoted to teaching you how to become more self-sufficient in the mountains. We maintain advanced first aid certification for your safety while bringing a sense of humility and awareness in and out of the mountain environment. Our light nature and sense of humor will allow you to relax and enjoy your journey.

Lead Guide and Owner

Lorne Graham

It is hard to imagine running into Lorne without hearing about some adventure he has been on, whether it be a multi week ski expedition, travel to a remote part of the world or a walk in the park. Nature is one of his biggest teachers who helps guide him through life.

He loves to share his experience of moving safely through the mountains with people who are interested in learning or simply keen to get out and explore. He brings a calm insightful demeanor to his work, which gives guests an opportunity to explore their own journey through skiing and exploring the mountains. Being in the mountains with Lorne is an experience which will likely broaden your horizons.

Whether it’s skiing big lines, showing the uninitiated the joy of backcountry ski touring or running an industrial avalanche mitigation project, Lorne has been successfully facilitating safe and enjoyable outcomes for clients and co-facilitators for over 20 years.

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