Snowline Adventures offers courses in Avalanche Safety and Crevasse Rescue. These courses, and the knowledge gained, will significantly improve your level of safety in the backcountry and introduce you to the concepts of risk assessment in the context of winter travel.

About our courses

Our courses are taught by industry professionals who are both members of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) and the  Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA). With over 20 years of experience teaching and working in avalanche terrain around the world, Our courses bring a depth of knowledge that is far beyond the standard.

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Proper training is important for safe backcountry travel. Get the training before you head out this season!


Avalanche Skills Training Level 1 is foundation for safe travel and is the first step in traveling in avalanche terrain. Our AST 1 course consist of a 5-6 hour online segment which you will be required to complete on your own in your time before the weekend of your course. This gives you time to study and process the learning material in a way that will naturally progress to the field days. Day one in the field we will be working on avalanche companion rescue techniques, navigation/orientation and terrain recognition. Day two we will practice our skills from day one while venturing deeper into the backcountry learning the necessary skills to make safe decisions while traveling in and though avalanche terrain. The curriculum that we teach is above the standard recommended by Avalanche Canada.


Take your avalanche skills to the next level! The Avalanche Skills Training Level 2
picks up off of the Level 1 course and provides participants an opportunity to practice moving safely through avalanche terrain.

Crevasse Rescue

Thinking of travelling on glaciated terrain this season? Crevasse rescue training is a good thing to know for moving safely through the mountains.

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